Fresh Coffee is the Best Coffee

To get the most out of your coffee experience, it is important to buy fresh roasted coffee beans and grind your beans fresh each morning. 

During the roasting process, coffee beans are exposed to temperatures between 400-500 degrees in the roaster. As soon as the roasting process is complete, the beans start "degassing" (releasing of Carbon Dioxide). This degassing process lasts roughly 7 days. Allowing this process to complete itself is important to avoid any off flavors caused by the gas. From roughly day 7-30, your coffee is in its absolute PRIME.

When you grind your coffee beans, you're exposing more surface area of the beans to the air and eventually to the water when brewing.  When ground, beans release aroma, flavor and should be brewed immediately to capture all of that flavor. Buying pre-ground beans will leave you with a dull and tasteless cup of coffee.

At Wild Rivers, we source premium quality beans and roast weekly to ensure your beans arrive at their peak freshness. Grinding your beans fresh each day will leave you more satisfied with your cup of coffee and open up the unique flavors and tasting notes exhibited by our various beans. 

Happy Sippin'!

-Sammie & Marshall

Coffee bags with roast date featured below one of the bags
We pride ourselves on roasting fresh and stamp all our roast dates on the bottom of our bags
so you know exactly when your beans were roasted. Get yourself a fresh roast today!
(February 2021)